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April 9th, 2007 at 04:21 pm

My husband lost his debit/check card today and called me because he couldn't remember the name of our bank! I couldn't believe my ears when he asked if we bank at Bank of America! I said no, and told him the name of our bank...very odd since it was his bank account before we got married, not mine. I mean I know I'm in charge of the finances around here, but I didn't think my dear husband was that much in the dark! I'll just chalk it up to him being tired and under a lot stress lately, so he knew the answer and just temporarily forgot. Whew!

1 Responses to “unbelievable”

  1. disneysteve Says:

    I don't know about your situation, but the name of my bank has changed 5 times since I opened the account as they keep getting bought out or merging with other banks. I think that could cause some confusion for anyone, especially a spouse who isn't the one managing the account.

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